Activator Research

Dr Hervey is proud to exclusively use Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique in his clinic.  Often new patients ask, "Will the Activator treatment work for my health problem?"  Research may have the answer:

Grip Strength:  Here is a research project that I completed while at Logan College.  On average subjects gained grip strength after an adjustment with the Activator chiropractic adjusting instrument.

Cerebral Metabolic Changes in Men After Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation for Neck Pain:  Interesting research showing how Chiropractic does more than just "put the bone back in place."

Chiropractic Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders Using the Activator Adjusting Instrument and Protocol: Dr. Hervey was taught the protocol for adjusting the TMJ by Walter Schaffer, one of the authors of this paper.

Tachycardia?:  Case study of how Activator helped reduce Tachycardia over a six years.

Heart Rate Variability:  Random control. 

Chiropractic care of a 6-year–old girl with neck pain; headaches; hand, leg, and foot pain; and other nonmusculoskeletal symptoms

Spinal Manipulation Reduces Pain and Hyperalgesia After Lumbar Intervertebral Foramen Inflammation in the Rat: Interesting study of treatment with the Activator device reduced inflammation in a Rat.

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